Flight Through Achievements: Maureva Year 2023 in review


Reflecting on the achievements that defined the past year, we are thrilled to present an overview of Maureva’s 2023 solutions, showcasing significant advancements that bring cutting-edge benefits to the Aviation industry and our valued user community.


EDGAR Revenue Accounting Solution:



In 2023, our flagship EDGAR Revenue Accounting Solution underwent substantial enhancements, solidifying its status as a leading industry platform.

The latest version of the EDGAR Ticketless module introduces innovative features, enhancing PNR-based sales data processing, and introducing new dashboards for improved business case processing.

Our corporate client and agency invoicing solution, ARTEMIS, has undergone a comprehensive redesign, offering a more robust and efficient solution.

New modules, including EDGAR Credit Card Billing, IATA Financial Gateway interface, and BSP Refund Application processing, have been introduced, catering to evolving client needs and reinforcing Maureva’s position as an industry trendsetter.


We have proudly welcomed 7 new airline clients on EDGAR last year and currently serve more than 60 carriers.


Jennifer Tsang Maureva EDGAR



ALEXIS Flight Scheduling and Crew Management Solution:



Highlighting key enhancements in 2023, we have released an evolved Flight Scheduling Module with a condensed Flight Search for streamlined operations. User-centric features like selectable time shift and LOC Mode across all modules have been deployed to enhance user flexibility and control.

Major upgrades in the Crew Scheduling Module with Multiple and Automated Controls, efficient Activity Location management, and an innovative Volunteering Management system are now available.

Welcoming 2 new ALEXIS users this year, with ongoing deployments at another airline, ALEXIS continues to evolve to meet scheduled airline requirements.



KEOPS Cost Control Solution:


Among the notable advancements in 2023, we have launched our KEOPS-NG project, providing a native and modernized web-based user interface.

Several Advanced features for seamless automated invoice checks, including cost type-based gap management and full integration of taxes and VAT, have been successfully implemented.

Our KEOPS Managed Services team, based in our Mauritius Operation center, is now ready to provide outsourced invoice control services.

5 deployments have been completed in 2023.



MARGO Air Cargo Management Solution:



As part of the significant enhancements completed in 2023, our MARGO Booking Interface has undergone a redesign for a more intuitive workflow. Some important improvements have also been made on customs classification within MARGO.

Mail processing capabilities have been greatly improved, with streamlined UPU MAIL and new interfaces for efficient Post Office communication. A Mail Invoicing module now empowers Ground Handlers.

With 5 MARGO projects completed last year, the solution now offers heightened efficiency and a seamless experience for our client airlines.



MATIS Business Intelligence Solution:



In the realm of business intelligence, 2023 has seen the introduction of our new MATIS Cost Insight universe, providing detailed insights into airline cost performance, leveraging KEOPS data.

Revamped dashboards and seamless integration of new data feeds, enriching analytical capabilities have been delivered.




As we bid farewell to 2023, our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and industry leadership remains steadfast. Here’s to a prosperous and groundbreaking 2024!



Romain Angella
Head of Business Development