AIRWAY streamlines its cargo operations with Maureva’s MARGO Solution.

AIRWAY Logistics has successfully implemented Maureva’s MARGO cargo solution, digitalizing its air freight operations. The Australian-based specialized airfreight handling company now benefits from improved efficiency, streamlined operations, and technologically transformed processes and workflows.

AIRWAY, formerly known as Pak Fresh Handling, has seen exponential growth in recent years providing seamless customized airfreight services such as international and national cargo handling, cargo terminal operations, and cold chain services across Australia. Owing to the nature of the business, the flow of real-time information and efficient workflows from collection to drop-off of cargo are crucial to the handling company.

The partnership between AIRWAY and Maureva represents a substantial leap forward in the digital transformation of the company’s cargo operations. The cloud-based solution offers scalability, flexibility, and accessibility, as required by AIRWAY to streamline its operations. Maureva’s ability to tailor the MARGO system to AIRWAY’s specific business needs has been crucial and it ensures that the technology aligns with AIRWAY’s unique operational requirements, maximizing its effectiveness. By optimizing cargo operations and improving efficiency, MARGO indirectly enhances customer experiences. Shippers and consignees benefit from faster cargo processing and more accurate tracking, leading to higher customer satisfaction levels.

MARGO automates the issuance of Air Waybills and cargo handling processes. This empowers AIRWAY to handle cargo acceptance, export and import processes, facilitate manifest creation and execute hassle-less part-shipments, and effectively administer warehouse operations optimally and smoothly. The integration of IATA-compliant messages (Cargo-IMP and Cargo XML) and the Australian Customs interface have played a pivotal role in promoting effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders.


“The strategic acquisition of MARGO for digitalizing and optimizing our operations to improve performance and service levels and boost revenues is an important milestone to meet the requirements of our rapidly expanding airfreight handling business,” says Nathan Beven, Head of AIRWAY.

“Maureva is a great match for AIRWAY Logistics, tailoring its MARGO system towards our specific business needs.”

AIRWAY further benefits from MARGO’s robust functionalities such as rate management, allocation of warehousing charges, invoicing process, and reporting tools. These capabilities empower AIRWAY to exercise prudent cost management practices while identifying and capitalizing on revenue-generating opportunities, thus enhancing the company’s overall financial performance.




AIRWAY, established in 2010, is a specialized airfreight handling facility that provides tailored airfreight solutions, including international airfreight handling, national airfreight, cargo terminal operations, a further wide range of cold chain services at a majority of capitals and regional centers in Australia.

Geosky chooses Maureva’s EDGAR Managed Services to manage its Passenger Revenue Accounting processes

Airline Geo Sky LLC, a distinguished Georgian airline, has entered into a strategic partnership with Maureva, a leading provider of Airline Software and Service Solutions in the aviation industry. Following six prosperous years in the cargo sector, Geosky is embarking on an exciting new venture by commencing passenger operations, with its inaugural international flight marking a resounding success.

With the launch of passenger flights, GDS sales, and interline agreements, Geosky has made the strategic decision to outsource revenue accounting processes to Maureva, driven by the system’s robust capabilities and Maureva’s team of dedicated revenue accounting specialists. These specialists will leverage the EDGAR Passenger Revenue Accounting platform to digitally process complex revenue accounting transactions.


“The implementation of EDGAR Managed Services to cover the full scope of our passenger revenue accounting will significantly assist us in managing our airline’s revenue streams. With Maureva’s expertise and knowledge of the industry, we are ensuring the accuracy of our revenue accounting processes, while also achieving cost savings in terms of hardware, training, and dedicated personnel.” – Anastasiia Shakhova, Revenue Accounting Manager at Geosky

About Geosky 

Geosky, founded in 2017, operates successfully in both local and international markets offering passenger and cargo flights. It is the first Georgian air carrier operating on regular routes from China through Georgia and to Europe with plans to add numerous additional destinations with its new passenger operations.



Nauru Airlines selects Maureva’s MARGO solution to digitalise its cargo operations

Nauru Airlines has successfully implemented its new cargo solution, powered by Maureva’s MARGO Cargo platform for the management of its cargo operations.
The user-friendly air cargo solution brings in the latest cloud technology to fully digitalize and streamline the cargo activities of the flag carrier of the Republic of Nauru. The MARGO Cargo Management System provides Nauru Airlines with an integrated web-based cargo application that is accessible to users including freight forwarders, general sales agents and ground handling agents for seamless communication and collaboration across different geographic locations.With the new MARGO platform, real-time and comprehensive visibility into air cargo capacity and allocation allows the airline to make better and faster decisions while automated cargo handling processes and real-time cargo tracking increases overall efficiency. Automated controls, reconciliation processes, and performance reports help towards prevention of revenue leakages and increase of revenue opportunities.
“Nauru Airlines has embarked on a cargo transformation journey, and MARGO was the right solution to facilitate digitalisation of our cargo operations for maximum efficiency and synergies across different entities” said Mariette Ebersohn, Chief Financial Officer of Nauru Airlines
“We are proud to work with Nauru Airlines at such an important stage of its growth by digitalizing its operations and creating top-notch customer experiences that will enable them to further tap into air cargo opportunities ahead. We are excited to continue working closely with Nauru Airlines to enhance their capabilities and business edge over the long term””says Davina Martin, Cargo Sales Lead at Maureva

Overall, the implementation of Maureva’s MARGO Cargo platform is a significant step towards digitalising and streamlining Nauru Airlines’ cargo operations, and it will allow them to compete more effectively in the air cargo market.


Nauru Airlines is the national carrier of the Republic of Nauru, operating passenger, charter, and freight services to and from the Pacific. The airline has been servicing the Pacific for over 50 years and is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.
Also, hear from Mr. David King, a member of the Nauru Airlines Revenue Accounting Team, who recently participated in our user meeting held in Mauritius from 24-26 May. Mr. King shared his valuable insights and expressed his appreciation for working with Maureva. His contribution during the event provided valuable perspectives that further strengthened our partnership with the Nauru Airlines. 




While we recently revealed our rebranding to illustrate our growth, we are now thrilled to announce the acquisition of XLM AERO a private French company based in Toulouse, France, and the developer of KEOPS, an airline direct operating cost control solution.

The acquisition of XLM AERO allows Maureva to enrich its existing product offering and better assist our customers in meeting the new challenges faced by the airline industry, hence increasing our footprint in the global aviation market.


Nicolas Boyet


“The acquisition of XLM AERO and its cost control software KEOPS CC perfectly complements our range of solutions for airlines. While our historical expertise focuses on airline revenue accounting, today XLM AERO offers us new perspectives in terms of Business Intelligence, with the possibility of being able to finely manage the profitability of the airline routes. With several clients in common, one of which is currently being implemented, the integration is already well underway and interfaces between our solutions and KEOPS CC have already been developed. The technical integration is therefore partly achieved, and we are already seeing the teams working together. In terms of background and work philosophy, XLM AERO is very similar to Maureva. This acquisition corroborates Maureva’s desire to continue its development and expand its service offering. It also allows us to get a foothold in Toulouse, the heart of European aeronautics, in addition to our other sites in Reunion Island, Mauritius and Montreal “
Nicolas BOYET, Co-Founder & Director of Maureva.



XLM AERO & KEOPS CC : A Winning Pair 


Since 2016, XLM AERO has invested in KEOPS CC to make it one of the best solutions for the management and control of airline direct operating costs, KEOPS CC uses a public tariff base which includes airport fees and navigation taxes. This particular database is modeled with the operational data of the airline and updated automatically. This modeling makes KEOPS CC one of the most complete solutions in the aviation industry. Contractual data including Ground handling, Fuel, Catering, and hotel are also implemented in the software, KEOPS CC is fed by flight data from airlines and makes it possible to meet the various financial need, routes analysis on planned flights, monthly provisions, and control of supplier invoices on flown flights. Detailed referential data from KEOPS CC is used to optimise the accounting processes. Receipt of invoices and their creation are automated. The solution also enables fast and accurate reporting, by virtue of a detailed calculation of cost at flight level. The KEOPS CC software is particularly used by Air France/KLM group.


“Maureva is the perfect match for XLM AERO. They have been serving the airline industry with passion and excellence for many years now and their customer focus and expertise are highly praised and regonised. Their portfolio covers software solutions and services that complement KEOPS CC, and we are proud to become part of the Maureva group of companies. This will futher enhance KEOPC CC’s capabilities and market presence, and expand our range of services to our existing and future airline partners” –  ERIC BIBONNE , CEO of XLM AERO. 


About  XLM AERO:

XLM AERO is an airline solutions development company headquartered in Toulouse, France. It was created in 2015 when XLM Services extended its offering by taking over the KEOPS solution, previously owned by IFR France (Airbus subsidiary).

About  KEOPS: 



Used by recognised airline carriers, particularly in Europe and North Africa, KEOPS CC assists companies in managing their direct operating costs, monitoring budget forecasts, and controlling invoices.

The KEOPS suite was initially composed of three modules; Flight Scheduling, Crew Management, and Operations Control. From the mid- 1990s, in collaboration with several Charter companies, IFR France launched the development of an additional module dedicated to the management of direct operating costs: KEOPS CC.

The rich functionality and intrinsic qualities of this module, acquired over more than two decades, have recently enabled it to be selected by Air France -KLM as the reference solution for the management of all direct operating costs, Budget, Provisions, Control and Posting of invoices of the group.

Digital Reunion workshop with French Overseas Minister Sébastien Lecornu

Réunion Island, on Wednesday August 19th,

Maureva’s director, Mr Geoffroy DE LA HORIE attended a workshop and lunch in Reunion Island with French Oversees Minister Sébastien Lecornu.

Organized by Digital Reunion, this session was made to enable ICT professionals to meet, exchange and make proposals to minister regarding our sector.

Mr Sébastien Lecornu was accompanied by the french secretary for biodiversity Bérangère Abba.

More info on:

Digital Reunion Workshop on Linked In

Maureva has renewed its PCI DSS Certification

For the 5th consecutive timeMaureva has successfully obtained its PCI DSS v3.2.1 certification after undergoing a comprehensive audit to evaluate the reliability of internal procedures and controls. This audit ensures that all clients of Maureva can be confident that their customers’ credit card data is managed in accordance to the most stringent certification requirements under PCI-DSS. View the certificate here. 



“We are proud of the success of our latest PCI DSS audit, especially since various members of the team participated actively, for the first time. This certification is proof of the reliability of Maureva’s system, in ensuring that clients’ credit card data is secured.  Information Security is at the heart of our business and ought to prevail within each team.” 

 Timla Ramkhelawon

Quality Manager 




About PCI DSS  

The PCI standard defines technical and organizational requirements for the storage, processing, and transfer of cardholder information. These standards apply to all parties involved in payment-card processing. The PCI standard also applies to organizations involved in the operation or provision of services, infrastructure, data centers, and other security-relevant components. For compliance to PCI DSS, organizations must fulfill some defined criteria and present appropriate evidences. 

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About Maureva 

Maureva is a leading Airline Software and Service Solutions Provider, specializing for more than 20 years in the provision of solutions for the Airline Revenue Accounting, Airline Analytics, Cargo Management, Flight Scheduling and Crew Management. Maureva gathers more than 200 passionate professionals who shares an extensive knowledge in the Airline industry and are fully dedicated to the Development, Support and Processing of our Solutions. Strategically based in the Indian Ocean, with offices on the beautiful islands of Mauritius and Reunion, Maureva benefits from easy access to Asian, African and European markets. 


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Maureva is now certified New Distribution Capability (NDC) Capable Level 4

On 23rd January 2020, Maureva Ltd was granted “NDC Capable” Level 4 status for its NDC-based solution ANDIE, under the NDC Certification Program. This status recognizes that ANDIE supports deployments using Full Offer and Order management messages whose schemas are compliant with the standard NDC message schema, version 19.2. View our certificate here. 

It is important for us that we follow the latest industry standards so that we can provide state-of-art and secured solutions to our customers. Our collaboration with IATA on One Order and NDC standards started back then in 2016, and since then we are actively involved in the different IATA Standard Setting Work Groups working actively on enhancing of these standards. This Level 4 certificate acknowledges the effort that we put into ensuring that our solution ANDIE is following international standards
Mladenka Vukmirovic, Chief Innovation Officer, Maureva

NDC-Capable Level 4 Certification is currently the highest-ranking certification available for IT vendors who are developing NDC solutions for the airline industry

Our client Air Serbia is among the first airlines in South East Europe to be certified Level 2 NDC certification and, as confirmed by IATA, the first in the world with the newest 19.2 standard version that classifies the product distribution capabilities. Air Serbia is ranked amongst the world’s leading airlines that have adapted its distribution system to modern communication methods.

About IATA NDC Program Certification 

NDC (New Distribution Capability) is a travel industry-supported program (NDC Program) launched by IATA for the development and market adoption of a new, XML-based data transmission standard (NDC Standard). 

NDC will enable the travel industry to transform the way air products are retailed to corporations, leisure and business travelers, by addressing the industry’s current distribution limitations: product differentiation and time-to-market, access to full and rich air content and finally, transparent shopping experience. 

About Maureva 

Maureva is a leading Airline Software and Service Solutions Provider, specializing for more than 20 years in the provision of solutions for the Airline Revenue Accounting, Airline Analytics, Cargo Management, Flight Scheduling and Crew Management. Maureva gathers more than 200 passionate professionals who shares an extensive knowledge in the Airline industry and are fully dedicated to the Development, Support and Processing of our Solutions Strategically based in the Indian Ocean, with offices on the beautiful islands of Mauritius and Reunion, Maureva benefits from easy access to Asian, African and European markets. 

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Year in Review – 2019

2019 has been a special year for us as we witnessed major developments and worked with several amazing partners throughout the process. We took time to consolidate our local resources, strengthen our ties with our clients and put time and effort in research and development. In 2019, more airlines turned to Maureva for our passenger revenue accounting solution EDGAR. In order to continue providing the best solution, we strengthened our quality management system and went through several audits and re-certifications.

We strive to put our clients at the heart of everything we do and we are grateful of the trust they put in us.

Below is our year at a glance.


Congratulations to our client Air Serbia for receiving the IATA NDC certificate

air serbia

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has certified Air Serbia for Level 2 of NDC certification (New Distribution Capability), ranking it among the world’s leading airlines that have adapted its distribution system to modern communication methods. Air Serbia is among the first airlines in South East Europe with Level 2 NDC certification and as confirmed by IATA the first in the world with the newest 19.2 standard version that classifies the product distribution capabilities. Thanks to this standard, as part of the pilot project, from next year Air Serbia will offer a portal as a platform for distribution of its product, which includes tickets and all additional services before, during and after flight. The NDC standard enables our company to offer its product in an increasingly demanding market in the right way.


“Today, an airline product has become a commodity, so we need to be prepared to change our approach to customers and tailor our offering product to commercial and merchandising principles, while listening to direct sales experiences. That is why this standard and everything that follows it in our future communication with everyone who sells our tickets is of great importance for Air Serbia”, said Air Serbia GM Commercial and Strategy Jiri Marek.


Read the full press release here