Passenger Revenue Accounting

Airlines compete in an ever changing environment, with variations in business models, distribution strategies, as well as evolving regulations to abide to. In order to maintain their competitive edge and the most adapted strategic business decisions, airlines need to efficiently manage and account for their increasingly complex revenue streams within the shortest time frame. To overcome the numerous challenges airlines face with regards to Revenue Accounting, EDGAR offers the highest levels of controls, automation while covering the full scope of Passenger Revenue Accounting, from seamless data integration to insightful analytical report generation. Supported by a team of dynamic and passionate individuals. Approved by more than 50 carriers all over the world.


Ensure Maximum Revenue Protection

Efficient revenue accounting begins with accuracy. EDGAR ensures strong revenue recognition and accurately identifies revenue leakage, through automatic features and stringent quality checks. Helping your airline improve its financial health

Productivity Gain

Enhance Strategic Decision-Making

EDGAR’s powerful integrated and dynamic reporting solution delivers valuable insights across your airline. Key commercial decisions can be made with detailed reporting based on accurate revenues being brought in real-time from multiple streams of data

High Degree of Automation

Drive lower costs and make the best use of your resources with a highly automated revenue accounting solution, integrating functionalities such as Automated data retrieval, capture and processing, Automated Interline Invoice Rejections, Automated ADM creations, and much more



  • Exhaustive PSS Integration (ETKT & Ticketless) for tickets and ancillary sales
  • DCS & Flight Operations System Integration (ALEXIS and others)
  • GDS (BSP, ARC, Direct GDS), SIS (Simplified Interline Settlement), PSP & Acquirers (Credit Card Reconciliation) Integrations
  • Accounting software (GL) and ERP available and other interfacing capabilities (RMS, FFP, DWH, BI, MATIS)
  • Fully automated, secured and PCI compliant data integrations
  • Integrated prorate engine catering for all conceivable interline agreement scenarios and proration rules (SPAs, CodeShare, etc.)
  • Exhaustive Integrated controls and Process Automation (automatic rejections, ADM creation, etc.)
  • Complete Tax and Financial Reporting (IFRS-15) with full audit trails
  • Integrated Dynamic Commercial & KPI Reporting (ASK, RPK, Yield, LF, etc.)
  • Comprehensive Support and Flexibility
  • Continuously updated to the latest industry standards such as New Distribution Capabilities and other legal prerequisites such as GDPR
  • Adaptability to airlines’ and country specific rules and requirements
  • Upgrades and new versions included in maintenance
EDGAR ARTEMIS – Online Invoicing
EDGAR F4C – Advanced Fare Auditing
EDGAR ET-U – ETKT Status Updater
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