Passenger Revenue Accounting

EDGAR ensures accurate revenue recognition and timely strategic reporting.

EDGAR is a full scope passenger revenue accounting system catering for the needs of full service carriers, low cost carriers (LCC) and hybrid airlines. Built upon several modules, EDGAR is a highly automated software enabling your key personnel to better forecast, manage and monitor your airline’s operations, regardless of size or complexity.


Productivity Gain

Productivity Gain

Maximize process automation through facilitated data exchanges, redundancy eradication, and customized interfaces.

Increased Profitability

EDGAR features various controls and alerts ensuring flawless revenue protection, fraudulent activities prevention, and timely cash flow cycles.


Enhanced Scalability

Adapted to full service airlines and LCCs, EDGAR integrates all IATA proration rules and regulations, as well as all commercial and interline agreements.

Actionable Insights

Support commercial and financial decision-makers with powerful reporting tools for passenger and ancillary revenues.


Monitor Sales Processing

Assess the success of your direct and indirect sales channels with comprehensive proration and audit tools.

  • Account for all passenger and ancillary sales, including exchanges, refunds, and EMD
  • Handle all types of complex agreements (SPA, MPA, codeshare) with an integrated prorate engine
  • Break down and assign taxes at coupon and tax code levels, including fuel surcharge (YQ/YR)

Beat Revenue Leakages

Protect your airline bottom line by checking and stopping revenue from leaking away.

  • Reconcile sales, exchanges, and refunds according to all penalty rules and tax conditions
  • Achieve full auditing of sales and refunds on fare, taxes and commission
  • Increase revenue by enabling automatic ADM/ACM generation and transmission

Stronger Revenue Recognition

EDGAR enables secure flown reconciliation to quickly identify uplifted and no-show passengers to reliably peg earned revenue.

  • Advanced flown data reconciliation with DCS messages and FlightOps interface
  • Quickly determine unreported uplifts to prevent document double-usage
  • Process and account for flown revenue, including complex LCC ancillary revenue

 Healthier Cash Flow Cycle

Gain quick cash flow recovery with a complete interline processing, catering for all conceivable scenarios and proration rules.

  • Centralize billings on a single platform managing SIS, ICH, and alliance settlements
  • Process all inward and outward billings, including FIM, EMD, and First & Final
  • Quickly assess overbilling partners with automated rejections and correspondence

 Boosted Productivity

Make the best use of your resources by achieving high process automation, and implementing monitoring controls and alerts.

  • Fasten processing with data import interfaces for PSS, GDS, BSP, ARC, SIS, etc.
  • Reconcile ETKT and ticketless transactions in one single platform
  • Monitor user performance with quality controls based on specific requirements and industry rules
  • Assess interline scenarios to avoid unprofitable interline agreements

Sharper Decision-making

EDGAR supports top management by transforming revenue accounting data into financial and commercial reports.

  • Reinforce your decision-makers with customized reports generation, and data warehouse and other systems’ integration
  • Enhance financial accuracy with customized General Ledger interface and complete audit trails
  • Accurate forward sales account analysis with global and detailed balances as well as revenue projections
  • Sales and revenue data integration in MATIS business intelligence solution
EDGAR ARTEMIS – Online Invoicing
EDGAR F4C – Advanced Fare Auditing
EDGAR ET-U – ETKT Status Updater
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