While we recently revealed our rebranding to illustrate our growth, we are now thrilled to announce the acquisition of XLM AERO a private French company based in Toulouse, France, and the developer of KEOPS, an airline direct operating cost control solution.

The acquisition of XLM AERO allows Maureva to enrich its existing product offering and better assist our customers in meeting the new challenges faced by the airline industry, hence increasing our footprint in the global aviation market.


Nicolas Boyet


“The acquisition of XLM AERO and its cost control software KEOPS CC perfectly complements our range of solutions for airlines. While our historical expertise focuses on airline revenue accounting, today XLM AERO offers us new perspectives in terms of Business Intelligence, with the possibility of being able to finely manage the profitability of the airline routes. With several clients in common, one of which is currently being implemented, the integration is already well underway and interfaces between our solutions and KEOPS CC have already been developed. The technical integration is therefore partly achieved, and we are already seeing the teams working together. In terms of background and work philosophy, XLM AERO is very similar to Maureva. This acquisition corroborates Maureva’s desire to continue its development and expand its service offering. It also allows us to get a foothold in Toulouse, the heart of European aeronautics, in addition to our other sites in Reunion Island, Mauritius and Montreal “
Nicolas BOYET, Co-Founder & Director of Maureva.



XLM AERO & KEOPS CC : A Winning Pair 


Since 2016, XLM AERO has invested in KEOPS CC to make it one of the best solutions for the management and control of airline direct operating costs, KEOPS CC uses a public tariff base which includes airport fees and navigation taxes. This particular database is modeled with the operational data of the airline and updated automatically. This modeling makes KEOPS CC one of the most complete solutions in the aviation industry. Contractual data including Ground handling, Fuel, Catering, and hotel are also implemented in the software, KEOPS CC is fed by flight data from airlines and makes it possible to meet the various financial need, routes analysis on planned flights, monthly provisions, and control of supplier invoices on flown flights. Detailed referential data from KEOPS CC is used to optimise the accounting processes. Receipt of invoices and their creation are automated. The solution also enables fast and accurate reporting, by virtue of a detailed calculation of cost at flight level. The KEOPS CC software is particularly used by Air France/KLM group.


“Maureva is the perfect match for XLM AERO. They have been serving the airline industry with passion and excellence for many years now and their customer focus and expertise are highly praised and regonised. Their portfolio covers software solutions and services that complement KEOPS CC, and we are proud to become part of the Maureva group of companies. This will futher enhance KEOPC CC’s capabilities and market presence, and expand our range of services to our existing and future airline partners” –  ERIC BIBONNE , CEO of XLM AERO. 


About  XLM AERO:

XLM AERO is an airline solutions development company headquartered in Toulouse, France. It was created in 2015 when XLM Services extended its offering by taking over the KEOPS solution, previously owned by IFR France (Airbus subsidiary).

About  KEOPS: 



Used by recognised airline carriers, particularly in Europe and North Africa, KEOPS CC assists companies in managing their direct operating costs, monitoring budget forecasts, and controlling invoices.

The KEOPS suite was initially composed of three modules; Flight Scheduling, Crew Management, and Operations Control. From the mid- 1990s, in collaboration with several Charter companies, IFR France launched the development of an additional module dedicated to the management of direct operating costs: KEOPS CC.

The rich functionality and intrinsic qualities of this module, acquired over more than two decades, have recently enabled it to be selected by Air France -KLM as the reference solution for the management of all direct operating costs, Budget, Provisions, Control and Posting of invoices of the group.