Airline cost management & control


Cost control throughout all stages of your operations has never been simpler. Inherently built on activity-based costing, KEOPS provides accurate cost calculations for network / route planning, budget, what-if scenarios, OPS irregularities, post-flight and route profitability analytics. Cost deviations are quickly identified, and claims can be automatically generated. Cost accounting is made easy and profitability insights are greatly improved.


Activity-Based Costing

Costs are automatically calculated on a leg basis for all flights, future or operated, enabling accurate provisioning and accounting of all costs.

Instant Return on Investment

Fully automated invoice capture control and control can lead to great cost savings, up to 2% of your Direct Operating Costs.

Facilitate Decision Making

Exact economic impacts of contracts modification, new schedule and operational changes are quickly evaluated and provide my with clear visibility on my airline activities.



  • BUDGET: Detailed costs forecasts are made easy, possible for multiple flight planning scenarios and based on actual tariffs and budget assumptions parameters (such as passenger and cargo load factors, price variations, exchange rates, etc)
  • PROVISIONAL COSTS: Detailed provisional costs are calculated for each operated flight, based on actual tariffs and operational data.
  • INVOICE CONTROL: Invoice control is highly automated, supports EDI and SIS formats. Discrepancies lead to  claims generation. GL postings are automated.
  • TARIFFS UPDATE: Maureva provides one of the most complete public tariffs update service (airport charges, navigation charges, government taxes, etc.) for automatic synchronization within your KEOPS environment, ensuring that any public tariff information is relevant.
  • FULL INTEGRATION: KEOPS integrates extensively within your Airline IT environment (Flight Operations, Flight Planning, EFB, Check-In, Fuel Uplifts, etc.) to retrieve and feed information automatically.
  • ANALYTICS: Maureva’s MATIS Business Intelligence solution enables dynamic visualizations of your airline cost data from KEOPS.
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