Business Intelligence

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MATIS integrates data sources from Maureva’s software solutions, combined with airline specific requirements.

Maureva’s business intelligence solution delivers powerful insight analytics of your airline’s key performance indicators by bringing the right structure to your data through a fully flexible, scalable and multi-device user interface.

Revenue accounting is no longer a month-end process that purely enables control and delivers accounting data. It now provides accurate, detailed, and on-time insight analytics on airline sales and revenue performance.

Maureva’s business intelligence solution provides powerful information with exhaustive strategic data (bookings, flights data, crew activity, budget, etc.), to generate predictive analytics and to provide the guidance airlines need in order to take the right decisions.

Commercial directions now have direct access on their smartphones to actual agents’ sales and revenue levels and are able to compare it with historical data in a few seconds; financial directions are able to better monitor and adjust their budget according to exact financial realizations and top management now gets their preferred dashboards and indicators updated on their tablets.


Improved Efficiency

Save time by eliminating inefficiencies in data restitution.


Transforms your airline data into rich visuals so you can focus on what matters to you.

Driven Growth

Turn your knowledge into additional profits by making decisions that strengthen your competitive advantage.



Structured Business Data

Maureva’s business intelligence solution enables your airline to leverage data coming from several sources.

  • Interface with Maureva’s software solutions: EDGAR, EDGAR RMS, MARGO, ALEXIS, Maureva’s NDC platform
  • Integrate data from third-party industry solutions: booking files, DCS data, PNR information
  • Combine with your airline’s specific data: cost, budget

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Unveil market potential with strategic performance insights, delivered timely to support real-time decisions.

  • Provide your sales and marketing top executives with key insights about your airline market performance for bookings, sales and flown revenues, in comparison with historical data and including future trends
  • Monitor your key performance indicators, including your revenue per RPK and ASK (yield and load factors)

High-level Performance

Visualize the most relevant analytics via a set of predefined or customized dashboards and reports to proactively engage into strategic decision-making.

  • Instantly assess your performance at macro or micro levels on any device
  • Complete web-based solution hosted in state-of-the-art datacenter
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