Airline Business Intelligence

Airlines are always striving to unlock new business opportunities and to make the best use of the data they collect. However, due to the exhaustiveness of available data and their lack of standardisation, airlines tend to find it extremely difficult to take advantage of these opportunities. MATIS Airline Business Intelligence solution enables airlines to combine accurate and valuable airline financial data with other diverse and relevant data sources in order to generate comprehensive information about the entire airline performance, resulting in the identification of hidden business potential and growth.

MATIS has been designed by our business and IT specialists in collaboration with airline industry experts to provide top and senior-level management with reporting and performance dashboards as well as an analyst oriented perspective for detailed evaluation and informed decision making.


Access Accurate Performance Data

Enhance your financial and commercial reporting capabilities with a real-time, visual, dynamic reporting solution built from structured data sources delivered through a single stream of accurate information to be used across your entire organisation.

Gain Competitive Edge

The combination of valuable financial information generated through Maureva solutions with third party data from different sources provides more accurate business insights and forecasting capabilities to to generate a real competitive advantage for your airline.


Increase Productivity

Benefit from our twenty plus years of airline experience in producing and analysing data for and on behalf of our airline customers to get a ready-to-use business intelligence solution with pre-defined and proven dashboards as well as integrated forecasting capabilities



Leverage information from structured and non-structured data sources such as ;

  • EDGAR Passenger and ancillary sales and revenues, MARGO: Cargo revenues & ALEXIS: Flight regularity, crew analytics
  • Third party data such as bookings and PNR data, DCS data, competitors’ and market-share data
  • Airline internal data, such as costs and budgets
  • Provide key insights and exhaustive dashboards to top management, commercial and finance directions as well as analysts
  • Monitor your key performance indicators, including yield, load factors, RPK, ASK, RASK and CASK
  • Benefit from accurate bookings and revenue forecasts with the combination of financial and commercial data
  • Manage budget variances with comparison between budgeted and realised figures.
  • Generate airline route profitability analysis with profit margins.
  • Unveil market evolutions and potential opportunities with integrated competitor’s and market-share data

Main features

  • Automatic data synchronisation
  • Secured and reliable access
  • Cloud based solution with responsive design (available on tablet, smartphones and laptop)
  • Interactive and visual analytics with predefined or customised parameters
  • Subscriptions to your preferred dashboards
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