Cargo Revenue Accounting

Air cargo presents specific challenges for the revenue accounting processes where carriers require fast and accurate cargo revenue accounting to support their operations and decision making process.

MARGO CRA creates a streamlined accounting process of your cargo sales, handling and billing activities through high level automation including advanced sales reconciliation, automatic AWB proration and accurate interline billing capabilities. MARGO CRA provides airline management with extensive reporting capacity and the optimum level of revenue protection.




Prevent Revenue Leakages

Optimise revenue protection with MARGO CRA integrated audit and reconciliation processes


Improve Cash Flow

Enable timely and accurate billing of customers, posts and interline partners for improved cash flow


Drive Insights into your Cargo Operations

Raw data from your cargo operations is transformed into strategic financial analytics for effective decision making


  • IATA SIS, eAWB and Cargo IMP compliance
  • Perform accurate AWB and mail proration with MARGO CRA integrated prorate engine
  • Reconcile AWB sales with GSA sales reports
  • Stem revenue leakage through comprehensive audit and validation
  • Automate ADM/ACM generation and transmission
  • Cater for all interline scenarios (SRP / SPA / Proviso)
  • Integrated mail revenue accounting function
  • Generate daily reports on cargo and mail revenues
  • Integrated accounting interface that provides full audit trails
  • Seamless integration with MARGO AWB & MARGO BOOKING solutions
  • Upgrades and new versions provided at no additional cost
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