Cargo Revenue Accounting


MARGO CRA covers the full scope of cargo revenue accounting.

MARGO CRA is the airline cargo revenue accounting system of our MARGO suite of solutions. Built with a robust prorate engine and regularly updated to the latest industry standards, MARGO CRA enables AWB and mail revenue processing to rigorously protect cargo carriers and passenger airlines’ cargo revenue, providing them with insightful analytics.




Prevent Revenue Leakages

Reconcile and audit sales with a powerful prorate engine to ensure revenue protection.


Gain Timely Cash Flow

Engage in accurate billings with your agents and interline partners to secure financial liquidity.


Fast Revenue Recognition

Account for your cargo and mail revenue to gain insightful analytics.


Increased Profitability

Control agents performance based on industry and airline rules to protect revenue.

  • Fasten AWB processing with automated integration of CIMP messages
  • Perform accurate AWB and mail proration with MARGO prorate engine
  • Reconcile AWB sales with GSA sales reports to identify errors and frauds
  • Achieve batch auditing on rates, taxes and other charges
  • Enable automated ADM/ACM generation and transmission

Fasten Revenue Recovery

Improve revenue earnings through simplified and accurate billings with your partners.

  • Reconcile AWB uplifts to prevent unaccounted sales documents
  • Ensure timely billings to interline partners and CASS agents
  • Ensure timely billings through IATA SIS or bilateral settlements
  • Process mail billings as per specific industry and airline rules
  • Automated transmission of CASS billings via CASS link
  • Analyze interline profitability with comparative proration scenarios computation

Deliver Insight

Benefit from reports and interface capabilities to support your top management.

  • Extract daily statistical reports on cargo and mail revenue
  • Provide full audit trails up to AWB level to account for all cargo revenue
  • Generate accounting entries customized to your chart of accounts
  • Automate accounting integration with General Ledger interface
  • Feed your data warehouse and other systems with reliable revenue information
  • Cargo and mail data integration in MATIS business intelligence solution


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