Revenue Optimization & Forecast

EDGAR RMS is a dynamic reporting solution catering for the needs of full service carriers, low cost carriers (LCC) and hybrid airlines. EDGAR RMS can be used as standalone or integrated within Maureva’s MATIS business intelligence system. EDGAR RMS links actual revenue data with bookings information to provide forecasts and analysis designed for revenue management and financial analysts.


 Enhanced Profitability

Combine sales and revenue data into your forecasting methodology to get more accurate short-term and long-term revenue projections.

Unveil Network Opportunities

Analyze bookings and other KPI trends to comprehend customer segmentation and identify the most profitable routes of the network.

Control Performance

Assess your airline’s performance at a glance with past, budget, forecast and anticipated revenue information.


Graphical Interface

Visualize bookings and revenue/KPI progression with dynamic tools enabling detection of potential errors or disruptions.

  • Display graphic KPIs from cluster, sub-cluster, route, flight, cabin class, to booking class levels
  • Define bookings and revenue forecasts based on historic information and progression curves
  • Analyze offer trends according to aircraft equipment, blocked seats, overbooking
  • Display flight passenger load factor by virtue of offer to detect potential overbooking
  • Compare current and forecasted performance by week day of operation with historical

Clearer Visibility

Monitor your airline performance thoroughly with exhaustive dashboards of critical KPIs and customizable alerts to serve your RM and financial analysts.

  • Compare flown and forecasted sales and bookings information for different snapshot dates
  • Control monthly performance with anticipated monthly-end revenue per route against forecast, budget, and past revenue
  • Customize alerts against threshold curves for sales & reservation rhythm, occupancy rate, commitment rate, etc.
  • Save customized reports for future use, and configure reports email subscription

Customer Focus

Build a strong customer database from PNR data to better understand and communicate with your passengers.

  • Get daily statistical reports, and flights dates
  • Achieve in-depth analysis of agency sales and ancillary revenue
  • Send passenger notifications via SMS/email in case of flight schedule modification and disruption
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