Flight Scheduling & Crew Management

ALEXIS is a complete flight scheduling and crew management solution supporting airline operations.

ALEXIS enables airlines to address the challenge of improving efficiency and optimizing crew productivity while promoting flight safety. Considering multiple constraints such as government rules and regulations, company requirements, crew qualifications, and unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances linked to technical breakdowns or weather, ALEXIS is the most versatile IT solution to support your airline.



Reduce Operational Costs

Optimize crew utilization and improve disruption management to minimize operation cost.


Enhance Efficiency

Combine automatic flight scheduling and crew rostering to eliminate schedule conflicts and redundant processes.


Gain Productivity

Keep your crew happy with performant crew pairing, bids and leaves management to reinforce their productivity.


Control Flight Operations

Address the unforeseen with reactive flight scheduling and disruption management tools based on real-time flight information.

  • Control flight schedule compliance with inventory system to avoid abnormalities
  • Run flight schedule simulations to select the best program
  • Balance flight constraints with automatic fleet assignment
  • Track aircrafts movement and graphically display flights scheduled and actual hours
  • Handle aircraft change, rerouting, delay, cancellation, and automatically alert crew members

Master Crew Scheduling

Achieve successful crew pairing and rostering with a powerful modelling engine, and controls monitoring crew activities against configured constraints.

  • Manage different crew categories against applicable rules
  • Access graphical interface with drag & drop functionalities for manual crew pairing & rostering
  • Automatic pairing build ensuring compliance with legal constraints and selected optimization criteria
  • Automatic rostering engine offering different scenarios, meeting regulatory constraints and utilization objectives
  • Crew scheduling monitoring interface displaying key indicators

Achieve Crew Satisfaction

Manage crew satisfaction by handling schedule updates, and bids and leaves applications through a user-friendly web interface.

  • Crew access to schedule, internal messaging, upcoming periodic checks and trainings
  • Ease bids and leaves applications with drag & drop functionalities
  • Set crew entitlements such as flights, rotations, days off, and their frequency
  • Parameter monthly leave quotas based on crew category and season
  • Publish crew cumulative duty time and monthly activity report
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