Flight Scheduling & Crew Management

Aircraft utilisation and crew optimisation are key to successful airline operations, where the slightest mistake in planning and scheduling crew resources can result in tremendous financial loss for airlines. Timely identifying the most efficient solution for aircraft planning and crew allocation whilst adhering to rules and regulations (EU-EASA, CAP-371, etc.) is critical for any airline. With its powerful combination of features, ALEXIS guides airlines towards an effective fleet utilisation and crew planning.



Reduce Costs

Improve your aircraft and crew utilisation and handle disruptions efficiently with a cost efficient solution


Increase Efficiency

Facilitate day-to-day activities for you scheduling and daily-ops team while always ensuring adherence to rules an regulations


Enhance Crew Satisfaction

Provide your crew access to our Web & Mobile applications for facilitated roster consultation, bids and leaves management


Discover how to better manage the complexities of aircraft planning and crew management with ALEXIS.

  • Explore and analyse unlimited planning scenarios
  • Ensure efficient communication with your stations and improved disruption management
  • Efficient code-share management
  • Receive email alerts when maintenance slot overlaps flights
  • Configurable rules engine for flight duty pairings and rosters using regulatory and airlines rules (including standard EU-EASA, CAP-371)
  • Comprehensive crew database (including – personal data, qualifications, checks, training, alerts, crew duty reports)
  • Optimise crew assignation and utilisation through pairing and roster optimisation, leaves and training planning
  • Combine automatic flight scheduling and crew rostering to eliminate schedule conflicts and redundant processes
  • Optimise rosters with live KPI
  • Easy manipulations with Gantt like interface with drag & drop user friendly features
  • Real-time alerts and notification to support disruption management
  • Standby crew management
  • Crew rosters reports and statistics
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