Maureva receives highest level of NDC certification (Level-3) from IATA

NDC certification level

Maureva is proud to announce a major milestone in our New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) project. Maureva’s NDC platform is now recognized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as level 3 NDC-Capable, the highest status of NDC certifications awarded to providers, for its Offer and Order Management platform. The IATA recognition puts us amongst the top IT providers to address current distribution challenges, and support distribution innovation in the airline industry.

“At Maureva, we are glad to adopt new IATA initiatives as well as to contribute with our expertise through involvement in various IATA working groups focused on NDC development and the One Order standard. Our level-3 certification reflects our commitment to provide our customers with a platform compliant with the latest IATA NDC standards.” said Mladenka Vukmirovic, Chief Innovation Officer, Maureva

For almost a year, Maureva has been closely collaborating with IATA and its airline partners to become the first industry player in Africa to continuously develop NDC-compliant platform.

We would like to thank our trusted partners for their role in this great accomplishment.