Consulting Services

Enhance Compliance

Sharpen your industry knowledge with trainings and consultancy designed to guide you through the evolving aviation scene.

Reduce Risks

Let our experts assist your change management projects by providing functional and technical support.

Increase Productivity

Reshape your business processes and restructure your team’s organization to yield higher productivity.

  • Improved Business Processes

    Maureva’s business processes improvement services aim at maximizing process efficiency and optimizing software utilization to reduce operational costs. Our industry knowledge will help your airline increase process automation and achieve industry best practices more productively. Our technical experts will also recommend functional transformations that we deem fit to your IT environment and paramount to raise your airline growth.

  • Advanced Industry Knowledge

    Maureva’s specialists provide organizational support and industry trainings designed for airline revenue accounting departments. Our versatile consultants are experienced in industry concepts such as fares and ticketing, proration, and interline accounting and control. They will empower and guide your team in acquiring revenue accounting expertise, and accordingly restructuring team organization, to gain productivity and boost your performance.

  • Successful Change Management

    Maureva will help assessing and planning innovative projects, providing functional and technical implementation support to achieve strategic initiatives. Whether you aim at complying with the highest level of data security, reviewing critical business processes, or migrating to a cross-disciplinary new industry standard, our team will assist you in facing current challenges and accomplish successful transition.

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Revenue Accounting Services

Reduce Costs

Avoid costly infrastructure and training expenditure. Our team of experienced professionals, trained to the latest Revenue Accounting rules and procedures will process even the most complex business cases

Streamline Complex Business Processes

Managed services simplifies revenue accounting process and improves the visibility and auditability of your revenues through the EDGAR and MARGO Revenue Accounting platforms

Implement Best Practices

Take advantage of our team’s continuous analysis and feedback to ensure process optimisation and latest standards’ application

  • Scalable Solution

    Enjoy a completely scalable service designed exclusively for your airline, with reduced implementation time, low front-up costs and levels of investment in hardware and personnel. Our service will embrace your steadily evolving business requirements in the most accurate and timely manner, while always enabling you to focus on your core activity.

  • Ensured Data Security

    Internal quality procedures, security levels and staff compliance are critical and we guarantee strict adherence to our certifications and customers’ agreed service levels. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified for passenger revenue accounting and PCI-DSS compliant and make use of all available quality and control tools to ensure the highest levels of data security.

  • Enforced Revenue Protection

    Our software solutions’ strongest control features are combined with our team’s leading expertize to promptly identify, report and action on any fraudulent behavior or errors made by agents and interline partners to ensure optimum revenue protection for your airline. Exceeding standard processing, our consulting approach provides you with the right tools and analytics to drive top management decisions and to improve your processes upstream.

  • Recognized Expertise

    Maureva’s managed revenue accounting processes are provided by a team of experienced professionals, trained to the latest revenue accounting rules and procedures and to the most complex business cases in this industry. Our revenue accounting experts have been involved in the latest industry leading projects, including the SIS, EMD integration and the latest IATA DISH standards.

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