Aviator Revenue Management software is integrated with all major inventory systems to maximise Passenger Revenue. The tools in Aviator are ‘battle tested’ in some of the world’s toughest competitive environments and have been used successfully by major airlines for many years.

With Aviator you can supercharge and automate the inventory management process. Aviator gives you the tools and the automation to achieve higher average fares per passenger on high demand flights and higher loads on low demand flights. Our customers are finding Aviator is driving revenue increases of up to 15 percent. Aviator will help you perform three key Revenue Management tasks: reporting, forecasting and optimisation. And you can choose your level of manual or automated control, enabling you to keep staff levels manageable and costs under control. That’s smart business practice and smart Revenue Management. Your competition is smart too, so Aviator has tools to both inform you and automatically react to market prices. Information at your fingertips and flexible, easy to use tools, means increased revenue for your airline, regardless of its size.

More information on:  www.maxamation.com


Maureva and MAXAMATION have developed interfacing capabilities between Maureva’s EDGAR Revenue Accounting solution and Maxamation AVIATOR’s Revenue Management solution.